In Memory of

 Willow Oaks Myrlie Mae

Willow Oak Myrlie Mae DOB 12/17/2017 - 01/14/2021


Our Nannie Myrlie. Miss Myrlie had some health issues but she had us 2 wonderful groups of babies. She was the fastest on the farm and loved to help take care of the new babies when they were getting weaned off of their mama. Myrlie was a one of kind and we loved her dearly.



Misty Mountain Sweet Aria

Misty Mountain Sweet Aria 


The sweetest of the sweetest, her name fits to the tee Miss Aria will be delivering in just a few week her babies by Boston. And can we just add “ Babies got back” Aria came to us late last fall from Temple, Texas. She fit right in when she got here. She is one the most well mannered Blue Merle Aussie girls I have ever met. Clear Healthy panel!

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Willow Oak Okeley Ray

Willow Oak Okeley Ray 


This pretty Blue Merle girl came to us as a pup. She came from Cedar Hill, TN and was loved from the time she got in the vehicle. Okeley is very smart, she doesn’t care to much for the duck but she won’t bother her We are patiently waiting for her next cycle and our hopes are to have some Okeley/Arlo babies, guaranteed blue eyes yes, ice blue eyes!!

Okeley has been health test and carries 1 copy of Collie Eye Anomaly and 1 copy of Degenerative Myelopathy.

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Freestyle WOA Soda Poppy

Freestyle WOA Soda Poppy 


This is another sweetheart of the group. She is a full sister to Boomer. She is a Freestyle girl from Cookville, Tennessee. She is a daughter of Icey Hot X Wilkes Lee. Poppy loves the pool and she loves her daddy. This girl is so smart and loving. She is a Red Tri (liver red) with 1 blue eye and 1 amber eye!!! This girl is a knock-out!!



WOA Myla Shea

WOA Myla Shea 

This pretty little lady was a keeper girl from our first cross of Baxter X Myrlie. Sugar pie sweet with all of the trimmings Myla is a big-boned girl just like her daddy and is a Red Tri Dilute. She is a delight to have raised on our farm. We can’t wait to cross her with our Boomer boy. Myla carries 1 copy of MDR1.


WOA Lovin' Queen Priscilla

WOA Lovin’ Queen Priscilla 


Our “Keeper Girl” of the Baxter X Aria group. She is ALOT like her mama. Sugar pie sweet and so loving! Beautiful Black Tri with gorgeous copper points!!! She is quite the show girl and looks like she might get bigger than her mama. We will keep you updated as this girl is only 7 months old. 


Cleared through  Parentage!!


WOA  Annie Lou Rose

WOA Annie Lou Rose 


 Baxter X Sugar Belle. Annie's mother Sugar Belle is located in Georgia. Annie is a strong little lady, big  and certainly loves attention and is more of a high drive aussie. She is the most high drive girl of our bunch. Annie has the split face, blue right eye and blue/brown left eye. We look forward to seeing her offspring. 



Cleared through  Parentage!!


Sweetheart Annie Girl
Aka Callie

Sweetheart Annie Girl

She is no stranger to us, Callie has been here since March 2021. When she came to Willow Oaks at nearing 6 months old, her name was Annie. We had an Annie and since Aussies are so smart, we made the change to Callie. She is extremely smart, very friendly, great temperament, AKC Registered and we are extremely excited to use her in our program. 



Cleared through  Parentage!!

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