Twin Pines Baxter

Twin Pines Baxter DOB 10/13/2010


A definite big fluff, fun loving guy. He came to us as a pup for a Christmas gift. Baxter is originally from Westminster, South Carolina at Twin Pine Australian Shepherds. He comes from an older generation of aussies that have proven to have longevity of life. His grandmother, Shelia, who he favors a lot, lived to be 16 years old.  He produces a big boned aussie pup and being smart just comes naturally from him. We are super proud of Baxter!

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WOA Millie's Boston of Sir Duke

WOA Millie’s Boston of Sir Duke DOB 03/26/2019


He is the biggest guy on our farm!! He is a sweetheart, as you would say a gentle giant. Boston came to us from Tanner Hill Farms in Mineral Springs, Texas as a pup. He has grown into a gorgeous Black Tri with a healthy clear panel.


Freestyle WOA Cruiser's Arlo of Hope

Freestyle WOA Cruiser’s Arlo of Hope DOB 04/12/2019 


Born of the famous Redneck Cruiser at Freestyle Aussies!  He keeps to himself but when you get this boy out to play he is all in. Rock solid soaking wet Arlo is Freestyle Aussie and came from Cookville, Tennessee at about 4 months old. He is an absolute GORGEOUS Red Tri with beautiful blue eyes and a healthy clear panel!! 

Arlo 2.JPG
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Freestyle WOA Boomer Bae


Freestyle WOA Boomer Bae DOB 07/06/2019


 A sweetheart of a guy and gets the award for the most lick in’ dog on the farm!! Boomer is another Freestyle Aussie from Cookeville, Tennessee and he looks just like his mama, Icey Hot!!   We love Boom Boom as his mama calls him. He is a gorgeous Red Merle with blue eyes! With that personality oh me, oh my!



WOA Baxter's Augie Boy

WOA Baxter's Augie Boy  DOB 08/12/2019

This guy does is what his name displays, just like his daddy, Baxter. Augie was born to the Baxter X Myrlie Group, Myrlie's final group August 2019. He is a very nice Aussie with big bone, great personality and loyal to his Mama Lora. He was her pick when he was born. He is a super friendly guy and loves to play and jump in the pool. We can't wait to see some of his off-spring.


Augie has been genitically health test and he has one copy of MDR1. 


WOA Smokin' Blue Diesel

WOA Smokin' Blue Diesel  DOB 04/13/2021

Diesel came to us from Mississippi at 8 weeks old. He is very rich in color, minimal white, and gorgeous Copper eyes. He is a playful guy, big boned, and a super soft fluffy coat.

Diesel is a Cruiser X Ice 'em Down grandson from Freestyle Lines and  is cleared thru parentage. We look forward to future babies from him.


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